it's my prerogative (infectiousx) wrote,
it's my prerogative

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don't hang up; until i'm finished with you*

stolen from melisande*

Fill this out. Tell me who you are but if you don't want to go ahead and be anonymous.

Arielle is ______.
If I were alone in a room with Arielle, i would _____.
I think Arielle should _______.
Arielle needs ________.
Arielle will never _______.
I want to _____ Arielle.
Arielle can ______ my ______.
If _____ Arielle would be happy.
_____ makes Arielle sad.
If you wanted to find Arielle, you'd look ______.
Arielle is always ______.
Arielle is never ______.
Arielle often thinks about ______.
If Arielle could have anything it would be ____.
If Arielle could have any super power, I'd like to see her have _____.
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