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PUBLiC: If you could only live off one CD for the rest of your life
which 20 songs would you put on it?

*in no specific order*

1.) How Do I Deal- Jennifer Love Hewitt
2.) Lucky Star- Madonna
3.) Autobiography- Ashlee Simpson
4.) Everytime- Britney Spears
5.) The Voice Within- Christina Aguilera
6.) Fighter- Christina Aguilera
7.) I Turn To You- Christina Aguilera
8.) Never Give Up On The Good Times- Spice Girls
9.) How Deep is Your Love?- Bee Gees
10.) Yellow Submarine- The Beatles
11.) Imagine- John Lennon
12.) Outrageous- Britney Spears
13.) Bittersweet- S Club
14.) Dreaming Of You- Selena
15.) Almost Doesn't Count- Brandy
17.) Metamorphosis- Hilary Duff
18.) Free To Be a Woman- Jennifer Love Hewitt
19.) How Bizarre- OMC
20.) Only Heart- John Mayer

fill out yours in a comment, i want to see what everyone else writes!!

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